When you become a new mama its really hard to get your sh*t together and get you and your new baby out of the house. Never mind getting the spittle, breast milk and rats’ nests out of your hair! Let’s face it, the first few months after you have a baby it’s a miracle if you can find anything cute to wear and look remotely presentable.BUT, if you have a reliable, COMFORTABLE pair of black patent leather slides to slip into you’re 95% percent of the way there. Just strap on your black baby carrier throw on a pair of black leggings, run a brush through your mane and you’re good to go! 

Along with your style going out the window, so does your sanity, here’s where the stones, mama prayer beads and the seed of life come to the rescue. 

Like the black patent leathers, if you could only take one stone to a desert island take amethyst, its a one stop shop powerhouse. It relieves physical and energetic ailments, aligns your chakras, blocks all negative energy, cures nightmares, insomnia and allows you to trust your new MAMA INTUITION, which is YOUR NEW SUPERPOWER! 

If you could have a second stone to bring with you, Rose Quartz is the way to go, Simply put ROSE QUARTZ= UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, and new mamas you NEED a steady IV DRIP of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. You need it for YOU, YOUR BABY, and your poor partner who most likely doesn’t know what hit them.  Rose quartz is the balm which soothes any ill or misunderstanding and it may help you with patience as you negotiate your new, beautiful family. 

As your brain fog begins to clear, you can thank the sweet little green chlorite stones which are working overtime right now to help you clear out your home. When you’re ready they’ll help you organize your diaper bag, and all of your baby’s precious outfits, and maybe they’ll even help you get your work done. 


Included in your NMSK, is a MAGIC WAND, selenite decked out with the most powerful clearing stones known in the universe- tektite and moldavite, this is a wish fulfillment wand, Dream big for you and your family, tune into your MAMA INTUITIVE SUPERPOWERS,make your wishes and cast your spells. 


Mama (aka,mala)  prayer beads- for creating a mantra of your most potent self care affirmations, for example. I AM, THAT I AM, I AM, THAT I AM, I AM THAT I AM, on repeat


Lastly, the focal point of the seed of life, sacred geometry is there to remind you of creation itself, and the miracle of life you’ve created. We love you mamas! This grid was made intuitively by my daughter.

New Mother Survival Kit