This is a one of kind creation. Unconditional love travels straight from the Rose Quartz FOCUS stone in the center of the ancient Ashoka Chakra to the center of your heart space. The spokes in this chakra wheel represent twenty-four virtues: LOVE, COURAGE, PATIENCE, PEACEFULLNESS, MAGNANIMITY, GOODNESS, FAITHFULNESS, GENTLENESS, SELF-CONTROL, SELFLESSNESS, SELF-SACRIFICE,TRUTHFULNESS,RIGHTEOUSNESS, JUSTICE,MERCY,GRACIOUSNESS,HUMILTY,EMPATHY,SYMPATHY,SUPREME KNOWLEDGE,SUPREME WISDOM, MORAL VALUES, THE FEAR OF GOD, FAITH OR BELIEF OR HOPE. 


The Way Stones of Citrine help you gain courage as your energy and vibration rises to meet these virtues. The Desire Stones of Raw Green Emerald, and Green Aventurine will heal and open your heart as you live your highest goals with grace, joy and splendor.

Love, Abundance and Joy Sacred Geometry Marble top Table

  • Table: 

    • 16"Dia x 26.25"H
    • Marble, iron, brass
    • Hand-carved


    •  Raw Emeralds
    • Tumbled Rose Quartz
    • Green Aventurine 
    • Tumbled Citrine