I started my crystal journey out of necessity. I was crawling through my own journey of hell when my great teacher and acupuncturist Najla urged me to tape black tourmaline to my breasts as an armor of protection. I was so desperate that I actually tried it. Much to my horror IT WORKED! I did not want to be the yoga teacher cliche who was into crystals..but friends, it’s four years later and I’m a full blown crystal addict. They’re my friends, my protectors, my angels of light my assistants in my energy healing practice �! I want you share this gift with you. This gorgeous crystal lotus with a rose quartz center piece is perfect for Valentine’s day�. We trek through the mud and shit to grow into a gorgeous lotus with unconditional love. Give yourself this gift of love and beauty or to someone you love who has made it through their dark night of the soul. 

Crystal Lotus Bowl with Rose Quartz